Local Welsh Steaks

Local Welsh Steaks


Locally Sourced Welsh Beef Steaks


T-Bone Steaks 16oz (Approx 454g) £12.25 each


Sirloin Steaks   8oz (Approx 227g)  £5.66 each

                             10 oz (Approx 283g)  ££7.06 each


Rump Steaks 8oz (Approx 227g)  £4.52 each

                            10oz ( Approx 283g) £5.64 each


Ribeye Steaks  8oz (Approx 227g) £6.01 each

                                10oz ( Approx 283g) £7.49 each 


Fillet Steak 6oz (Approx 170g)  £6.37 each 

                        8oz (Approx 227g) £8.51 each                     






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