Serving Guide

Unsure what size Turkey to order? Then use our handy Serving Guide to assist you.
Don't forget to order a larger size if you would like to enjoy with all of the leftovers!


4-6 People 4-4.5kg Turkey or 3kg Turkey Crown
6-8 People 4.5-5.5kg Turkey or 3.5kg Turkey Crown
8 - 10 People 5.5kg -6.5kg Turkey or 4kg Turkey Crown
10-12 People 6.5kg - 7.5kg Turkey  or 4.5kg Turkey Crown
12 - 14 People 7.5 - 8.5kg Turkey or 5kg Turkey crown
14 -16 People 8.5kg - 9.5kg Turkey or 5.5kg Turkey Crown
16-18 People 9.5kg - 10.5kg Turkey or 6kg Turkey Crown